7 Reasons Why You Need a Blog If You Are an Internet Marketer

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Why You Need a Blog If You Want to Stop Being Broke

If you’ve been researching about online marketing for awhile now, you most probably noticed that there are a lot of internet marketers out there blogging and you’ve been thinking to yourself why you need a blog right?

Before I get into the meat and potatoes here I’ll explain what a blog is first so that we’re both on the same page because it would definitely suck if you had no idea what the heck I’m going on about xD

why you need a blogYou could say that a blog is like your very own online journal where you write about your thoughts, ideas, and opinions on a particular matter, or to share your knowledge about something with others.

There are many reasons why people have their own blog. For some it’s a means of expressing themselves, to entertain, attract a following and create a name for themselves, or to make money.

As an internet marketer, the reason why you need a blog is because if you combine all of the things I just mentioned above and use that as a platform to promote your business and help people at the same time, you’re on your way to owning a very lucrative and profitable business

Let’s Get Into the Real Reason Why You Need a Blog

As the title says, I’ll be giving you 7 reasons why you need a blog if you want to stop being one of the many sheep online who can’t differentiate themselves from one another even if their life depended on it.

But worry not, after you read this I’m sure you’ll see the sense in why you need a blog for yourself

#1. Self Branding

Now if I were to continue on from the sheep example, the reason why you need a blog if you want any form of success in building you business online because the most important thing you should be doing is branding yourself.

Not your company, your products (ok well yes, you do need to promote your products but that’s for another aritcle xD), but you, yourself.

The major perk for branding yourself is that you instantaneously eliminate yourself from having any competition…and I do mean all!

why you need a blogThink about it, there’s only one you and you might not believe me when I say this, it doesn’t matter to me one way or the other, but when it comes to network marketing, people join people not the company, its compensation plan or product line.

So when you focus on making yourself likeable and someone others trust and would want to work with, that’s how you get the sales and sign ups happening regardless of what you’re selling, or the company you’re promoting.

#2. SEO Perks

If you’re new to online marketing, most likely you’re not going to have a clue about what I’m about to say next so do yourself a favour and bookmark this website so you can refer back to it when you’re more in the loop about how things work.

Google, Yahoo, or any other search engine (pretty much any site where you type in something that you want to know about, hit enter, and search results come up) loves blogs.

Don’t ask why they just do lol =D

Blogs are, or can be, a great source for information if the writer knows what they’re doing. And if your content is super duper helpful and has attracted a hefty crowd of readers, then Google will boost your rankings up in the search engines.

The higher your ranking, the more visitors/potential customers will be coming in to visit your blog. The more visitors you get, the more money you make

#3. You Become An Public/Authority Figure

Have you noticed how all the big names in the network marketing profession have their own website/blog?

Why is that?

Well having your own website automatically makes you a public/authority figure. People tend to trust others more if they can see that you are someone with good standing.

It’s like asking do you trust your doctor lol.

Having your own blog just automatically grants you boss status in my opinion so by this point, there should be no doubt about why you need a blog. Don’t you want to tell others you have attained boss status?!?

#4. Increased Credibility

Let’s not forget credibility here. This one is a biggie because if you’re a fraud, liar, or a slimy scumbag who plans on tricking people into buying things, don’t expect to get rich anytime soon.

In fact, the only outcome you should expect is a tarnished reputation, angry emails/spam comments, or threats. So shame on you if you planned on being a fraud *tsk tsk*

why you need a blog

One way to get credibility is to leverage your blog and add in testimonials of people who have bought from you, or who are working/have worked with you when you have built up a steady list of clients.

#5. It’s Your Best Asset

Your blog is your number one asset. It’s yours. You own it. No one can take it away from you (unless you decide to sell it).

And in business, your assets are everything!

#6. Source of Income

Why did you decide to build your own online business? To make money of courseduh!

Your blog can/will rake in a crap load of money from sales and sign ups… if you work hard at creating it into a money producing monster that is.

#7. Free Lead Generation Source Anybody?

Who here likes to pay for leads?

Do you…? Anyone…? Hello…?!?

I thought as much xD

If promote your articles correctly, you can be damn sure that there will be a massive flood of traffic to your site. Best of all, every lead and visitor you get for your site will be FREE!

It’s not instantaneous because you have to build up a following. So it takes patience.

But in the long run, you get to save heaps of money while adding quality leads to your email list xD

I think by now it’s fairly obvious why you need a blog of your own. So if you are ready to take your business to the next step and finally stop banging your head against the wall due to frustration click here to blog your way to success with this tech free marketing system.

And that’s why you need a blog if you want to ramp your business up to the next level.

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