Blogging Topics: What To Blog About and How

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Tips On Choosing Blogging Topics

As a fellow blogger, I’ve had my fair share of “ah man what a I gonna blog about today..?” moments. Sooner or later, the problem of figuring out what content to post arises when you’ve blogged about everything you could think of about your niche.

Well, if you’re only going to be blogging about business related stuff when you’ve just started out as a new fledgeling in the world of online business then… yea I can see how that could happen. You promote your affiliate links, your opportunity, explain the compensation plans, and products but when that’s all said and done, you’re back to square one.

Either that or you risk repeating yourself over and over again like a broken clockwork but I strongly suggest refraining from doing so…

Do I repeat what I blogged about but in a different light? Or not?


But the real question here is… are your blog posts relevant and entertaining to the readers?

Sure you’re meant to blog about business related stuff but from time to time, it’s good to spread your wings and try your hand at posting entertaining content as well. And by entertaining I mean topics that are happening in the world right now that are attracting a horde of followers.

But Tina, where can I find out what’s entertaining to blog about?

Unless you’ve refused yourself the pleasure of using computers in the 21st century because well… you suck (nah just kidding.. =P ) there is something called Youtube! Every computer user has heard of or visited Youtube. If they haven’t well… I would be shocked, appalled, flabber-ghasted and every other adjective in existence that describes a “wtf” reaction =D

One method of finding a blogging topic is to find what videos are racking in the most views and write about that. It could be your personal opinion on it, or reviewing what that particular topic was about.

Don’t Be Afraid To Broaden Your Choice Of Blogging Topics

It’s understandable why some people only bombard their blog with business articles. I mean that’s what a blog is right? A massive hub of relevant info on a particular topic. Jam packing your blog only with professional content in a professional manner will make you come across as uuhh… professional…?

I don’t know about you but that sounds pretty darn boring to me… Ok alright before you throw rocks at me let me explain.

Yes, you are using your blogging platform as a way to attract targeted leads who might become your customers or business partners. Yes your blog is meant to portray what an awesome leader you are and show off how much you know about your niche.

However if you’re blogging in order to attract customers or business partners, I think it’s a plus to post in a way that attracts likeability as well as professionalism. You would want to portray yourself as a fun and likeable individual for people to want to follow you on your blog, spread the word that your an awesome person and someone who people will enjoy working with.

How do you achieve that?

Don’t be too formal with your writing style because it’s harder for people to relate to you since they don’t know what your true personality is like. It also makes you sound like you have a stick up your… *ahem* Yes so how should you be writing?

You write how you talk.

*gasp* But what if they don’t like my personality? It’s a given that, sure there will be people out there who will not like your posts or writing style but who cares? Seriously chances are, if someone doesn’t like your posts, someone else out there will. Abundance mentality people =D

Another thing is, but most people don’t realize: your head is a tank of already made blogging topics.

What I mean by this is, you are free to blog about your thoughts, opinions and values on any topic that you want (as long as it’s not you know…violent or anything inappropriate)

Most people think that a blog should be strickly professional with no nonsense material and jibber jabber (man I love Boston Legal) but anyway…

It’s YOUR blog. You write about what ever you want.

Sure a few feathers will be ruffled and negative comments will pop up here and there, but who cares you know?

By broadening your blogging topics, you will generate more interest from your readers, allow readers to connect with you on a personal level when you share your opinions and thoughts, show that you are not a boring person and draw in more people when your blogging topics are broader.

So it’s important to enjoy blogging. Broaden your blogging topics, cut back and have fun while doing it.

Be yourself and show people how awesome your really are

I would love to hear your thoughts and opinions about this topic so Like, Share and post a comment below.

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