How This Simple Target Market Analysis Trick Will Attract More Readers to Your Blog


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The Target Market Analysis Trick for Beginning Bloggers to Attract Readers

If you’ve been blogging for awhile now with zero results, minimal subscribers and hardly any social shares for your content then you’re not alone.

Doing a target market analysis is one of the most crucial steps a beginning blogger can do in order to get the ball rolling as fast as possible but so few people take the time to do it, it’s actually quite tragic.

As a result, not only do some people blog for ages and get nothing in return but useless spam, a headache and a declining motivational meter, more often than not these bloggers simply give up and go back to doing a job because it’s easier.

Now that just sucks.

So if you’re just starting out, and you’re frustrated and tired of not seeing any results, I’d bet it’s because you have no idea who you are, or should be, talking to.

So by the end of this post you should know exactly how to do a target market analysis, and what you need to do in order to not only improve the quality of your blog content, but get more shares, interaction and traffic to your blog

Why it’s So Important to Do a Target Market Analysis

Did you know that by doing a simple target market analysis, you will be sparing yourself the most common problem that beginning bloggers are facing?

And that’s coming up with content to write about.

So how do you do a target market analysis and how will that help you?

target market analysis

When you focus on creating your content for a specific person, your content will not only resonate and arouse an emotional response within them, but it will move them into responding in the form of sharing your content, leaving a comment, or even buying your product ;D

Doing a target analysis isn’t that hard. Just ask yourself the following questions about a specific niche that you want to market to and you’ve got it down:

  • What are their problems?
  • How can I solve their problem?
  • What are some common questions that they may have?
  • What do they want?
  • Would this interest them?

For example, let’s talk about the health and wellness industry. You would most probably be thinking, “But my niche is health and wellness”, but that’s not specific enough. You’re spreading yourself too thin here.

If you really think about it, it’s a very broad category that encompasses a lot of smaller niches within itself.

You’ve got weight loss people, trainers, gym owners, vegetarians, runners, body builders…

Your content will not cause a direct emotional response within any of these people because if it is not aimed at any of them specifically. Sure it might hit the relevance button a little here and there, but more likely than not the response will be “Oh that’s interesting… next!” As opposed to, “Man that was exactly what I was looking for!”

Target Market Analysis and Content Creation

What’s helpful to body builders may not necessarily be helpful to weight loss people, gym owners, or vegetarians.

So it’s important to understand your target market’s language, their thought processes, their problems and how to solve those problems. You must get into their mind!

And the only way to do that is to do a proper target market analysis.

target market analysis

That is the only way you will get a lot of response for your content and create a rush of targeted traffic to your blog.

Of course there is the variable of how good your copywriting is, but that’s another article in itself

Once you identify your target market, the content creation process is easier in that you don’t have to cater for a massive crowd!

Put yourself in your perfect prospects shoes and ask yourself the bullet points I outlined earlier. You can also attend webinars and trainings that are relevant to your niche and use the information in there to create content, or a simple Google, or keyword research will give you the answer more often than not.

So take the time to sit down, get a pen and paper of open up a notepad on your computer, and do a simple target market analysis.

Here is what you need to do again once you’ve chosen a specific target market:

  • Find their problem and solve it
  • What do they want and why?
  • Some common questions that they may have
  • Would my content be of any interest to them?

So get cracking and get started on your target market analysis ASAP if you want to finally start building a thriving blog. If you’re interesting in improving your copywriting to enhance your blogging you can learn how to here.


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  1. Angie Perez says:

    Tina, this part of your blog really resonated with me: “you’re frustrated and tired of not seeing any results, I’d bet it’s because you have no idea who you are, or should be, talking to.” Because I train other real estate agents in the areas of on-line lead generation of which content marketing is one of the strategies I focus on with my agents, this comes up quite often. I blogged for at least 6 months before I found my voice and target market. I think I did it the hard way, through time and experimentation. Naturally, the strategy you out-line above is applicable to Realtors and their business. Thanks for sharing and I’d be happy to reference your article on our blog and facebook business page.

    • tinanp07 says:

      Hey Angie

      I’m really glad that you found my blog helpful. I noticed that a lot of people struggle with having their target audience so I just wanted to get it out in the open and make sure that a lot of people understand this.
      I also blogged for a few months before I finally understood the importance of having a target market so it’s all part of the learning process which I don’t really mind.
      I would really appreciate it if you did reference my article on your blog and Facebook page.
      I’m sure it should help a lot of other people with their blogging efforts as well =)

      Thanks for commenting!

  2. Jui says:

    Thanks Tina! I found this really helpful. I was struggled with content creation a lot and now I know why that is! Never really thought about target market so I’ll get started on that.

    • tinanp07 says:

      No problem. Glad that my article helped you with your blogging =)


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