How to Write Online Product Reviews that Boost Your Credibility and Sales


It’s every bloggers nightmare when it comes to thinking up of fresh, valuable content to write about.

However, if there is one type of blog post that never gets old, it’s online product reviews.

Not only is every online marketer out there using at least one online marketing tool to build their business, it’s a great way to provide real value by sharing your opinion on how a particular tool has, or hasn’t, worked for you.

online product reviews

Chances are (and it’s a very high one at that) there are a ton of people who are actively searching for whether that product or service is as cracked up as others claim it to be.

Now not every review is created equal.

Some reviews were written with the sole purpose of using hype and bias to earn a sale or two, totally ignoring all the shortcomings altogether.

But here’s the good news.

This is where you can be different from the rest!

So how do you go about creating an online product review that will help a lot of lost souls out there on the internet, and at the same time build your brand?

What Everybody Ought to Know About Online Product Reviews

The first thing that you should understand here is that reviews are NOT sales letters for the tool or service in question.

They’re meant to help the reader make an informed decision about whether that tool or service is really relevant to their business building efforts.

Think about it this way.

You’ve just heard about a new, really cool tool that is helping people generate a ton of backlinks back to their website.

Not surprisingly, you’ve formed a few questions in your head about the usefulness and quality of that tool.

online product reviews

What types of backlinks are they? Are the backlinks spread out over a period of time? Where are they coming from? Will it affect my SEO? What’s the cost? Is it a recurring fee?

Now, how do you think an article will perform if it totally ignored all of these questions, included hype in the copy, and the intention to sell to you was so obvious that you gave up 1/3 of the way because you could already predict how it would end?

Pretty crappy.

Despite what the writer may think after writing that article, they’re not going to get any sales.

Sales are not made through hype, pitchy language, or selfishness.

They’re made by providing real value, authenticity, and honesty.

4 Ways to Write Killer Online Product Reviews and Get Paid for Them

There are 4 ways you can leverage your review to earn sales from them.

1/ Only write reviews for products, services or tools you have purchased.

The intention of this article was to make you a trusted brand so this one should be fairly obvious.

If you are ever tempted to write a review about something you don’t own, perhaps the following sentence should snap you right out of temptation.

You won’t have a clue on what to write about, your copy will most definitely suck, because your copy sucks your existence as a phony will be exposed almost immediately, the word will spread that you are someone not to be trusted and that everybody should stay away from you.

In other words, say goodbye to your personal brand.

Still tempted to lie your way to success?

2/ Outline the benefits in a non hype way, and the downsides if there are any

This one is fairly tricky since it’s quite hard to write about benefits without trying to sound biased.

Try to write your review as objectively as you can. Don’t use words that pull the product up to high heaven, explain exactly how the benefits have allowed you to make building your business easier, and don’t forget to mention the downsides as well.

People will, if not more than the benefits, be on the lookout for whether that product will cause more damage than good.

And if you failed to mention this and they happen to purchase from you, don’t be surprised if you find an angry email in your inbox calling you a liar.

3/ Identify who it is ideal for

There are just so many online marketing tools at the moment that the smart thing you can do for yourself, and your audience, is to identify who the tool is ideal for.

This is commonly overlooked because some writers think it’s fairly obvious and doesn’t deserve a mention. Luckily for you, know you know better and have the advantage =)

Firstly, it tells the search engines what to rank your article for (you don’t want to be on the first page of Google for gardening tools when the tools you’re talking about are meant for internet marketers).

Secondly, by narrowing down who your audience is, the traffic will be more targeted and most likely to buy from you.

4/ Tell the reader to take action and click the link

If there is one costly mistake that an internet marketer can make online, it’s to leave out the call to action.

Now I can understand why some people would feel so apprehensive about this, since demanding money is something that can make you feel like a greedy, pompous, scammer, but keep in mind that you are trying to run a profitable business here.

You’re meant to be asking for the sale. How else will your business survive?

If you’re unsure about how to ask for a sale, I’ll give you an example.

Let’s say my target marketer is network marketers, and they’re looking for ways to make money online with blogging.

I’d say something like: If you want to learn more about how you can make money blogging with your primary business, click this link here to find out more.

See? Not so hard.

Never assume that people don’t want to learn more about what it is that you have to offer. If you leave out the call to action, then people will most likely click away and never come back. The call to action could be anything from click a link, opt in, or even share the post.

Do you think there are other things to consider when writing a product review that I may have missed here? If so, leave a comment about it below.

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By Tina N. Phan

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