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Increase Opt Ins by Using These Emotional Buttons


Why Emotional Buttons Improve Click Through Rates

A basic principle of copywriting for capture pages is to compel the prospect to take a certain action, and in this case it’s to give you their name and email. I think it’s fair to say that nothing achieves this more efficiently than tapping into their emotional buttons in the copy.
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6 Easy Ways to Create the Best Squeeze Page


Now You Can Have the Best Squeeze Page and Convert More Traffic

It’s one thing to generate a decent amount of traffic to your website, but it’s another to get those people to opt in to your list and become future customers.

If you want to convert more traffic into leads and customers, then you need to at least know the basics to creating the best squeeze page that you possibly can to increase conversion rates and start earning a profit. » Read more..

If You Don’t Focus On Converting Leads Now, You’ll Hate Yourself Later


You Don’t Have to Be A Guru to Have High Converting Leads

The troubling thing about most internet marketers nowadays is that they concentrate so much on lead generation but not enough on converting leads once they have become a part of their list.

Sure leads are the bloodline of your business and all, but did you know that another, not often talked about problem, is lead conversion?
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Increase Opt In Rates by Using These 10 Copywriting Samples


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Copywriting Samples That Improve Your Conversions

Learning internet marketing is a serious business, and more often than not it causes a rapid increase in headaches, anger spouts, and hair tearing moments.

With so many things to consider such as copywriting, headlines, marketing strategies, websites, technical nonsense and a whole bunch of other things, it’s no wonder so many people give up.
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Why Writing Good Copy Can Save Your Business Today


Can Good Copy Really Make A Difference In Your Business?

There are a lot of posts out there about marketing strategies, lead generation and brand building but what I’ve noticed is that there isn’t a whole lot of posts about how to write good copy.

In my opinion, I think being able to write good copy is the most important skill in online marketing.

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