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Why Affiliate Marketing Success Eludes 97% of Marketers


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How You Can Be In the Top 3% and Achieve Affiliate Marketing Success

For those of you who think that internet or affiliate marketing is a walk in the park, easy, or something that push button programs can solve, think again.

Although it’s often been preached that anyone can accomplish affiliate marketing success, the fact still remains that 97% of people who venture online fail spectacularly.

Is this you?
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Do You Really Need Keyword Research and SEO to Get Sales from Your Blog?


How Important is Keyword Research and SEO?

It’s pretty interesting because I’ve heard stories where people are getting sales and sign ups with absolutely zero keyword research and SEO for their blog posts.

And here I thought that that was impossible…

I’ve come up with my own theories for both sides of the fence because this truly baffled me since everything I’ve learned about article marketing emphasized onsite and offsite SEO to get the traffic and sales.
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