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How Not to Pitch Your Business Opportunity


Are You Making These Devastating Marketing Mistakes?

Internet marketing sure has exploded in the last couple of years, with millions of hopeful individuals clambering on board hoping to strike it rich.

Sadly, the reality is that not many people make money in the first few months, years… or ever.

Luckily for you, you’ve found this post, and I’ll be sharing with you how to avoid sinking your business into oblivion by avoiding major marketing mistakes the majority of internet marketers are making.

Business Opportunity Pitching Gone Wrong

Everywhere you look, there is someone trying to snap up your attention through careless and tactless marketing.
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Detach Yourself from the Outcome If You Want to Attract Quality Distributors


Detach Yourself from the Outcome When Prospecting and Gain Posture

You ever wander into those Facebook groups and find yourself unable to detach yourself from the outcome of the conversation when you were prospecting with a potential business partner that, eventually they smelled the desperation coming out of their computer screen and walked away?

I sure have.
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Want to Know How to Avoid Objections for Prospecting?


Is It Possible to Avoid Objections for Prospecting?

Yes it’s one of those things that make people toss and turn late at night when they’re business is stuck in a rut and going nowhere. “How do I avoid objections for prospecting? I want those sign ups dammit!”

In reality, the people who are asking themselves these questions aren’t really doing the profit producing activities and are relying too heavily on passive marketing.

In other words, they want those sign ups, but they’re not doing the most important activity of them allprospecting!
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How to Prospect on Facebook without Getting Banned Like a Loser


How to Prospect on Facebook and Connect with People Like a True Network Marketer

Ah facebook… it’s got a number 2 Alexa ranking meanings it’s the 2nd most visited website in the world so why the heck wouldn’t you want to learn how to prospect on facebook?!?

Not to mention that it’s totally free too, with over 6 million users… very sexy reasons for you to do it!

Alright so today I plan on sharing with you how to prospect on Facebook without getting banned and coming off as a scary, desperate stalker.
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Will Your Business Die If You Don’t Know How to Prospect?


Will I Fail If I Don’t Know How to Prospect?”

To put things bluntly: yes, your business will be crushed under a massive wave called failure if you don’t know how to prospect. To be honest with you, when I first started I didn’t pay a lot of attention to prospecting at all.
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How to Find Your Target Audience and Connect with Them


Finding Your Target Audience to Market To

It took me awhile to learn this lesson because in the beginning, I wasn’t familiar with the target audience concept and I was selling and marketing to every single breathing organism lol. Not only did this waste a lot of my time because the people I was talking to didn’t give a crap about what I had to say, it was a great motivation killer since I wasn’t making any sales.

Now most people think finding a target audience is hard, when in fact it isn’t. It’ll take a  little time because.. well you have to do some research, but once you have narrowed down your target audience, your marketing efforts will be so much easier.

How so?
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Ask Yourself Questions That Allow You To Relate to Your Prospects


Ask Yourself and Your Prospects the Right Questions Or Else

Ask yourself this: why should my prospects listen to what I am saying. It’s a pretty confronting thing to ask yourself right? Most people would say, “Well because my products are awesome why wouldn’t they?”. Sadly this isn’t the case and most people get an onslaught of “no”s slammed in their faces despite their efforts. Confidence killer I know, I’ve been there, but the underlying reason of why people are getting such harsh rejections is because:
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How To Stand Out When Prospecting


How To Stand Out When Prospecting: Differentiating Yourself From The Norm

So let me ask you a question: Do you know what the main objective is when talking to a prospect? Getting them to buy from you? Nope. Sponsoring them into your business? Nope it’s not that either. I’m guessing you’re sitting there gobsmacked and scratching your head going “What is this girl going on about?”

That’s cool. I understand. In the beginning I thought that these were the points of prospecting too. I went around pitching my product and opportunity to every breathing organism I encountered and to be honest with you, it didn’t get me very far. Why? I was doing what everyone else was doing.

Believe it or not but there’s a major discrepancy between what your upline is teaching you to do, and what the successful people are doing. It’s not their fault though. Nor is it intentional.
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