6 Easy Ways to Create the Best Squeeze Page


Now You Can Have the Best Squeeze Page and Convert More Traffic

It’s one thing to generate a decent amount of traffic to your website, but it’s another to get those people to opt in to your list and become future customers.

If you want to convert more traffic into leads and customers, then you need to at least know the basics to creating the best squeeze page that you possibly can to increase conversion rates and start earning a profit.

What You Need to Know About Creating the Best Squeeze Page for Your Offer

Creating the best squeeze page for your offer takes a lot of testing, tweaking and refinement. It’s not something that most people usually get right the first time, and there’s always room for improvement for squeeze pages.

best squeeze page

So if a particular squeeze page that you’re using isn’t converting for you, then you need to change one thing at a time, measure the results for that, and tweak more if you need to. If you find that you are satisfied with the metrics for that squeeze page, then you can either leave it be, or do some more minor adjustments and see if you can improve it further.

Little Known Ways to Creating the Best Squeeze Page

1/ You should always have your squeeze page above the fold. When you click on a website, the content that you immediately see without having to scroll your mouse down is considered above the fold. It’s very common for a visitor to take a 2 second glance at your website, and immediately leave.

So the less effort your prospect has to do to see what your offer is, the better chance they have of opting in.

2/ Your squeeze page must be exciting visually. You want to make your opt in box as eye catching as possible so that they can see what your offer is.

Now I’m not saying to make it crazy or over the top, just professional yet visually intriguing should be fine.

3/ The copy you are using to entice opt ins for your offer.

This is the most important element to creating the best squeeze page. Without this, nothing else matters.

best squeeze page

You want to make it exciting for your prospect to read, and intriguing enough to compel them to opt in and see the rest of your offer.

With that said, you would do well to avoid hype, lies and ridiculous promises. Focus on how your offer will benefit the prospect and make their lives easier for them.

4/Now after all that hard work, wouldn’t it suck if your capture page didn’t work?

So make sure that you opt in yourself and see if you get access to the page that you want your prospects to see once they opt in, and whether the follow up series is the right one for your offer.

5/ Have a privacy policy right under your opt in box.

People hate spam, junk email and exposing themselves to dangerous online scams so you should include this.

Something like, “We hate spam too”, or “We would never share your email”, will make your prospect feel safe in giving you their name and contact details.

Would you offer information of yourself to something that didn’t have a privacy policy?

6/ Your offer needs to give more in return than what you’re asking for

In other words, would it be worth it for your prospect to exchange their personal information to receive what you’re offering?

For this point, you must know exactly who your target market is. With this in mind, you can create the best squeeze page offer than you can which will appeal to them emotionally, and cause them to opt in.

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    Some very good tips on some squeeze page basics to follow.


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