If You Don’t Focus On Converting Leads Now, You’ll Hate Yourself Later


You Don’t Have to Be A Guru to Have High Converting Leads

The troubling thing about most internet marketers nowadays is that they concentrate so much on lead generation but not enough on converting leads once they have become a part of their list.

Sure leads are the bloodline of your business and all, but did you know that another, not often talked about problem, is lead conversion?

converting leads

No, it doesn’t end once they have opted in. No, the sale doesn’t happen automatically unless you’ve strengthened every chain along the sales funnel process.

Sure the money is in the list and all, but it doesn’t have to be a massive one for you to start making money from it. To put it bluntly, you could have a list with a 5 or 6 digit subscriber base but if you do not know the all important skill to converting leads into customers, then you’re pretty much leaving money on the table.

What Everybody Needs to Know When It Comes to Converting Leads

The good news is that anybody can learn the money making skill if they are serious about monetizing their list to its full potential.

And this skill just so happens to be something that I am passionate about: copywriting.

Not only does improving your copywriting increase sales conversions, but it can be used to improve all aspects of your business as well.

Like getting more clicks on your ads, getting more opt ins for your squeeze pages or building a following if you are a blogger.

converting leads

When you know how to intrigue, compel, and convey strong emotional reactions within your prospect, that is when they will buy from you or follow your call to action.

This is crucial for converting leads in that without this, all that hard work you put into lead generation and advertising would be a complete waste.

And you certainly don’t want that do you?


Little Known Ways to Converting Leads

A crucial factor when it comes to converting leads in your list is the subject line.

No matter how good your body copy is, all is lost if they aren’t immediately compelled to click on that headline and read its contents.

If you identify with your target prospects pain, or desires within the subject line, that will greatly increase the chances of that email being opened rather than trying to pull them in with hype and other such nonsense.

In the body copy you must provide value, along with what their pain is, and some points on how to alleviate it.

converting leads

For every email that you write, ask yourself how is the content within that email benefiting, or helping to improve your prospects life?

Does it show them a solution to something they’ve been struggling with? Does it create a strong emotional reaction within them that will make the relationship between you and your prospect stronger?

When you focus on helping others first, that is when people will know, like and trust you. And when this happens, that is when the money will start rolling in.

Utilize Copywriting with the Intent of Converting Leads, Squeeze Pages and Ads

If you’re ads are generating low click through rates, or your capture pages just aren’t converting, then you need to improve your copywriting to get the most out of your advertising, especially if you are paying for it.

Same thing goes for email marketing. If you’re generating leads for your business, but your list isn’t responsive to your offers, then you’ve got a major problem.

You will be saving yourself a lot of time, money and frustration if you learn how to use copywriting to get the most out of every step in the sales process.

If you’d like to stop struggling with converting leads, ad click throughs, and opt ins for your business, then click here to check out how you can master copywriting and finally start making money.

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