How to Promote Your Website and Drive Massive Amounts of Traffic to Your Blog Post


Why Do You Need to Know How to Promote Your Website

So why is it important to know how to promote your website? Well as internet network marketers, being able to drive good quality, targeted leads to your website is the bloodline of your business. In other words, the more traffic you drive to your website, the more likely it is for you to make a sale!

Pretty simple concept if you think about it.

But this is where the problem arises.

Most people don’t know how to get views for their published piece of content. If no one is looking at your site, how are you going to make sales? This is exactly why it is important to know how to promote your website so you can start profiting from your business as quickly as possible.


Now I’m not going to claim that I’m an expert website promoter or anything like that. In fact I’m far from it. Instead, what I’ll do is I’ll share with you some of the activities that I do know of to get a good amount of traffic to your website.


How to Promote Your Website the Simple and Easy Way

What I’m about to go through involves blogging, so if you don’t have a WordPress account, click here to get your own blogging website all set up for you automatically without any of the technical drama.

One of the things you can do to get your website and name known throughout the internet is to promote it using social media.

This includes social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Bebo, Myspace, Reddit, Stumbleupon, and a whole heap of others.

Now when you set up your account in each of these, take the time to make your profile as attractive as possible. Upload a picture of yourself, fill out all the about me sections, and if you have a website, then make sure that you put that in your profile as well!

Now the point of setting up all of these accounts properly is so that every time you create a new piece of content, you distribute that content throughout all of these social media accounts.

Now what that means is you get heaps of exposure for that particular content and backlinks for the post as well!

Now this manual process takes a lot of time but don’t fret, there is an easier way!

What if I told you that it’s possible to distribute your piece of content to over 40 social networks, automatically, at the push of a button?

What if I told you that it’s possible to have hundreds, even thousands of backlinks to your blog post from other people? If you’re using SEO to drive traffic to your site, then you know exactly how important backlinks are.

What I’m talking about is a network of people working together to promote each others’ content so that everyone is able to get a piece of the pie in network marketing.

It’s a I’ll scratch your back if you scratch mine kind of network, and it’s called Tribepro.

So how to promote your website using Tribepro you ask?

As mentioned earlier, each member in a “tribe” is able to auto-syndicate someone else’s content and they will do the same for you. In other words, it can be done without you having to do anything but publish your content on your website)

I’ll give you an example on how this concept can be used to drive traffic to your content.

For example you are auto syndicating 30 people over 30 social accounts. So that would be 900 shares for that piece of content. Remember, the more viral your blog post is, the more people are going to see it. The more people that see your content, then the more traffic you will be driving back to your website!

More traffic equals more sales!

If you would like to take Tribepro for a spin and experience just how great it is in promoting and getting view to your content, then click here.

So this is one method on how to promote your website. It sounds super easy right? Almost too good to be true but it works! That’s the awesome part.

So now that you know how to promote your website by making your content viral by using Tribepro, click here to check out Tribepro and make a difference to your business today.

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