Increase Opt In Rates by Using These 10 Copywriting Samples

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Copywriting Samples That Improve Your Conversions

Learning internet marketing is a serious business, and more often than not it causes a rapid increase in headaches, anger spouts, and hair tearing moments.

With so many things to consider such as copywriting, headlines, marketing strategies, websites, technical nonsense and a whole bunch of other things, it’s no wonder so many people give up.

copywriting samples

So to make the journey easier for you, I’m going to share with you one of the most important things an internet marketer needs to know in order to generate traffic, opt ins and conversions for their business: the ability to write captivating headlines. So I’ll be sharing with you proven copywriting samples that work to create amazing headlines, ads, copy, sub headlines, or page titles!

Copywriting Samples That Work like Clockwork Magic

As promised, here are the 10 copywriting samples and I’ll be giving examples as well to prove to you how good a headline can sound when you use them.

#1/ Free

The vast majority of new internet marketers are opting to use free tools, strategies, software and pretty much anything that involves the word free to build their business (which is a reason in itself why few are seeing results ironically).

So if you stick this in a headline, no doubt they will come like bees to honey.

So which one would you click on?

“Are you using this free tool to make money on autopilot?”, or “Are you using this tool to make money on autopilot?”

#2/ You/your

Everyone pays more attention to something that is addressed directly to them. Not only does it provide relevance to how your product or service can help them, the words provide a personal, direct sense of communication, which is essential for building relationships.

Not only that, but associating someone with ownership to a particular product will inspire their imagination to experience what it would be like to own your product

“How People Can Make $500 Blogging”, or…

“How You Can Make $500 Blogging”

#3/ How to

copywriting samples

The most widely used out of all the copywriting samples in my opinion. In an industry where overwhelm, confusion and lack of direction thrives, this is pretty self explanatory.

“How to Set Up Your Very Own Website”, or “Set Up Your Own Website By Going Here”

#4/ Secrets

People are nosy. No one likes to be left in the dark and would love to gloat at knowing something somebody else doesn’t.

So attract your target audience to your ad or content by including this word.

“7 Secrets to Email Marketing that Will Boost Your Profits”, or “Boost Your Profits with Email Marketing”

#5/ Guarantee(d)

What with the countless lies, scams and outrageous claims being proposed online today, it’s amazing how one little word can make such a big difference when there is safety involved.

“How to Guarantee Customer Satisfaction with Refund Policies”

#6/ Easy

People are lazy, avoid hard work like the plague, and will do almost anything to make life a whole lot simpler.

“Easy Ways to Create Magnifying Copy”, Easy Steps to Creating Your Own Website”

#7/ Magic(al)

Even in this day and age people still like to be wowed. So deliver this in your headline to draw them in, but make sure to follow it up with an equally compelling offer!

“8 Magical Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Site”, How to Create Instant Cashflow Like Magic”

#8/ Announcing

copywriting samples

It’s often been observed that people like to jump on the band wagon. Which is why new products, companies and software get so much attention when they first launch.

Either that, or it’s a great way to keep people informed of a new occurrence, product launch or important webinar.

“Announcing the New iPad and How It Can Be Yours… for Free!”

#9/ New

This ties in with people liking to buy the latest and greatest trends on the market. Also, the assumption that new things are infinitely better, greater and 10x more useful does most of the work for this one.

“New Article Marketing Software Promising Better Submission Rates”

#10/ Introducing

For this one, I’d say that it’s great to use with reviews for upcoming product launches since the masses love to be kept informed about the latest and greatest for their chosen niche.

How to Use These Copywriting Samples Effectively

Now that I’ve given you these copywriting samples to use whenver you wish, it’s another to use them responsibly and effectively.

For better results, you can try combining these copywriting samples with one another to create a bigger impact.

Of course, there is always the possibility of your copywriting getting downgraded if you try to force the word into it, so always make sure that your copy makes sense, and it flows.

If you found this list of copywriting samples helpful to you, then do me a favor and share this post and leave a comment on what you specifically liked about this post.

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