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Why Emotional Buttons Improve Click Through Rates

A basic principle of copywriting for capture pages is to compel the prospect to take a certain action, and in this case it’s to give you their name and email. I think it’s fair to say that nothing achieves this more efficiently than tapping into their emotional buttons in the copy.

emotional buttonsNow you may be wondering how using emotional triggers in your copy will increase the number of opt ins, but the sweet thing is, if you apply what I teach you in this article, then you will be able to improve click through rates and sales dramatically as well

The Basics to Pressing Emotional Buttons in Your Copywriting

As I mentioned at the beginning of this article, the purpose of your copy is to compel the reader to take a certain action (opt in to your list). Most people hate being told what to do, and if you don’t give them a good enough reason to, they have every reason to ignore your request!

By tapping into the prospect’s emotional buttons via your copy, not only will you entice their curiosity to see what’s on the other side, you are basically hitting them where it hurts and they will see no other option than to opt in to finally receive the solution to their pain that has been keeping them up at night.

Emotions take up a large part of the decision making process, so it would make perfect sense to use its pulling effects to your advantage right?

Now this might sound sneaky, but they are getting something out of it remember?

Three emotional buttons you can tap into are:

  • increasing pleasure
  • eliminating pain
  • To save money

Now for the first of the 3 emotional buttons, everybody wants to have more fun, be happy, take regular vacations, or do exciting activities that they normally wouldn’t get the chance to.

emotional buttons

When you enable your prospect to visualize them being able to do all of these things in your copy, and if you offer them the chance to get there through the use of your product or service, why wouldn’t they want to take you up on your offer?

When it comes to copywriting, it’s all about the prospect!

You have to address their wants, needs and desires to get that opt in, so you can forget about telling them to give you their information just so you can move up on your compensation plan. You have to think what’s in it for them.

Eliminating pain is one of the most commonly used, and powerful emotional buttons in that the desire to avoid pain, or ease it, is a must if they want to grow their business.

If a pain is overwhelming someone, it’s more likely than not they will be searching for the solution. So if you promise them (and deliver too!) an end to their pain, you are far more likely to get that opt in.

Remember, you have to keep reminding them why your offer is exactly what they need so backing up the solution with a benefit (how their life will be made easier) in your bullet points is a must.

emotional buttons

A great way to entice opt ins is free ebooks, trainings, audios, or a video training on marketing strategies that will help people who are on a budget.


The majority of internet marketers are usually struggling with their business growth due to lack of funds, so any piece of information that will help them build their business with the word free is bound to get a good response… so long as your copy “sells” it right.

Although these emotional buttons can be used to improve opt ins, they can be used in every aspect of copywriting too! So you can bet that this info will help you with every article, email series, sales letter or capture page that you create if you apply them.

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