The 5 Laws of Blogging to Keeping Your Audience Engaged


Imagine yourself finally hitting the publish button on your blog for that new piece of content that you’ve just created.

As you lean back against your chair after a long writing session, you can’t help but think to yourself that you’ve just given the world a masterpiece, which will in turn net you a hefty profit.

However, a few days later after checking the metrics for that particular blog post, you’ve hardly any social shares, comments and click throughs.

What in the heck just happened?

You poured your heart and soul into that article dammit!

What’s wrong with these people?

You told the world exactly why your service, product or business opportunity was the best thing that’s happened since, well… ever, and let’s not forget why joining your team will enable flying commission checks to willingly deposit themselves into their mailbox every week.

Don’t they understand what they’re missing here?!?

audience engaged

Now let’s stop right there.

If you find yourself nodding your head in agreement to what I’ve just said, (well written), then we’ve got a major problem.

Whether you know it or not, you’ve just committed a blasphemous crime against all things network/internet marketing.

You’ve confirmed your existence as a spammer of bullcrap content.

If you disagree with me, then I fear that there is not much I can do to help you. If you feel that continuous spamming and rooftop shouting about why your business opportunity and product is a Godsend, then by all means continue and stop reading right here.

Oh, you’re still here.


That means that you’re totally serious about learning the 5 things that every network, or internet marketer needs to know about blogging to build their personal branding by creating an engaged, loyal audience.

Let’s get started.

1. Focus on Giving Value to Attract Prospects and Customers

Let’s get one thing clear first.

As harsh as this may sound, nobody cares about your product or business opportunity.

What they DO care about is an answer to their question, a solution to their pain, or something to make what they’re already doing easier.

So if someone lands on your blog, or clicked through to your content, it’s because they thought that they would find these things in your blog post.

So why disappoint?

Every blog post that you create should be informative, engaging, and addressing a particular problem that your audience is facing (you do know who your target audience is right?).

It should be created with the intention of educating, or entertaining your prospect about a particular topic.

This is the most important thing for any network marketer to understand when it comes to branding themselves through blogging.


audience engaged

Because by providing real value in your articles, you’ve separated yourself from the majority of internet marketers who spend the bulk of their time pitching and spamming useless crap all over the web.

You’re establishing yourself as an authority figure this way, the go to guy (or gal) when it comes to your chosen topic, and nothing attracts customers and potential distributors more than someone who cares enough to put their readers problems first before their own.

Which leads us to…

2. Put the Reader and the Content First

Going along with the first point, as tempting as it is to talk about yourself, your problems, your business opportunity, or anything having to do with you that puts you in an egocentric, self serving light, I highly recommend you put a stop to such childish behaviour immediately.

Although it can be tempting to pitch heavily at times out of fear that nobody will actually buy or join you, by being generous and genuine about your intentions of helping people, you actually end up attracting more people into your business this way.

So even if at times it means putting your best interests aside (for now), in the long run its more important to maintain that trust and credibility with your blog audience with useful content.

3. Don’t Let Ads Dominate Your Blog

As tempting as it is to put a banner ad of every product that we are an affiliate of in our blog, don’t.

Not only does this take the attention away from your content, but it makes your blog look cluttered and scarily similar to that of a pitch circus.

Look at it this way, if a website has so many ads that it overshadows the content, it’s pretty much obvious that the owner of the website just wants to sell you something.

And nobody likes being sold to right?

4. When Displaying Ads, Only Display The Relevant Ones

If you do decide to display banner ads that promote a product or service you are promoting, keep it to a minimum.

Remember, your website isn’t an advertising board.

Also, make sure that the ads are relevant and congruent with the rest of your site.

You don’t want to be selling weight loss shakes at a site that talks about WordPress plugins do you? (The correct answer would be a no)

5. Don’t Be a Poser – Be Yourself

The worst thing you can do to yourself is make people like you for who you are NOT.

No seriously, it’s exhausting.

To get the whole attraction marketing thing right, you need to pull people into your sales funnel because they like what they see, they can relate to you, and they find your charm too irresistible to not give up that name and email for your opt in box.

Plus it’s easier to just be yourself anyway. Who wants to spend all their time and energy writing about a topic that they’d rather set on fire to if it were possible to turn it into a physical manifestation anyway?

So now I can go about creating a raving fanbase thanks to my blog right?

Yes, and no.

There is a whole lot more to blogging that what I’ve just listed here.

There is the backlinking to consider, the social media marketing side of things, the networking, and the actual getting traffic to your blog as well.

The 5 things I’ve listed here are crucial no doubt, but you’re still missing other pieces of the puzzle so to speak.

Luckily for you, there is a very simple way to deal with all of these things if you are serious about building your business through blogging.

I invite you to take a look at what I’ve used to learn more about blogging, and how to combine it with what I’ve just shared with you to monetize your blog posts here.

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To Your Success,


By Tina N. Phan

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