Why Affiliate Marketing Success Eludes 97% of Marketers


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How You Can Be In the Top 3% and Achieve Affiliate Marketing Success

For those of you who think that internet or affiliate marketing is a walk in the park, easy, or something that push button programs can solve, think again.

Although it’s often been preached that anyone can accomplish affiliate marketing success, the fact still remains that 97% of people who venture online fail spectacularly.

Is this you?

If you’re new to online marketing and you haven’t been getting the success that you want, then don’t get discouraged after reading that because there is a way to turn things around and achieve affiliate marketing success.

Affiliate Marketing Success Relies On You Being Picky

If you’ve tried marketing in the various Facebook groups that promote affiliate marketing products, most likely you would have noticed that it is an endless pitch fest with people shamelessly self promoting their link.

To refresh your memory, it sounds a little something like this:

“Check out this amazing program and start making money today!” or “Get Instant Cash by Joining this Program!”. And let’s not forget the infamous exclamation “This is the best program to have surfaced on the internet”.

There are a ton of affiliate programs and systems out there, each one promising you the moon with instant cash, easy money, overnight success, simple push button cash generation and that you should buy it because you’re missing out if you don’t.

affiliate marketing success

It’s easy to get suckered into buying a whole heap of these programs if you’re new because you might be thinking, “Man if that’s the case, then I really do need that program!”

When it comes to affiliate marketing success, ask yourself how will your marketing efforts benefit by you getting that program or software?

If it’s promising instant success at the push of a button, then stay as far away from it as you can because most likely the people who are trying to sell that to you aren’t making money with it themselves.

The most important thing you can do with online marketing is self branding through attraction marketing. This means that you attract people to you by providing value in the marketplace, helping others and building relationships first before pitching.

So promoting the promise of overnight success and instant push button cash generation programs will harm your reputation and cause people to avoid you, instead of coming to you!

So if affiliate marketing success isn’t on your list, by all means continue to pitch and lead with hype.

Do You Really Need It In the First Place?

It’s human nature to overload ourselves by buying things that we don’t really need. So instead of wasting your money buying a hyped up program, invest that into buying a program that teaches you how to market instead.

Trust me. Learning how to do something and why it works is infinitely better than buying something that gets you minimal results and not understanding a thing at all.

affiliate market success

Invest in yourself, because you alone are capable of taking yourself to where you want to go, NOT a hyped up, misleading program.

When you invest in your marketing education, you will in turn learn how to market your affiliate programs and software better too

Affiliate Marketing Success Relies on You Being Choosy

So if you’re going to be an affiliate for something, be picky and access how that product will enhance your marketing, your personal brand, and how it will be useful to your prospects.

Separate yourself from the 97% of failing affiliate marketers who choose to hop from one thing to another because it’s “easy”, or it’s the “latest thing”, and do what the top 3% are doing: associating themselves with the best of the best out there, and investing in themselves.

Programs, products and systems come and go. You are the only constant. By understanding this, affiliate marketing success will come to you sooner, than later. So make yourself as knowledgeable, helpful and valuable as you can and that, my friend, will be what enables you to make money.

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