Is Your Unhappiness Caused By Your Inability to Take Action?

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Does Inaction Play A Role In Your Unhappiness?

I’m sure that there are some people out there who believe that happiness is something out of their control, and others who think that it is something we have to fight long and hard for to obtain. In other words, it’s a personal journey we all must take internally to get there. There aren’t a lot of posts out there about whether inaction plays a role in unhappiness or not so I decided to take up the reigns and write about it myself.

Unfortunately in this day and age, the number of people suffering from clinical depression is frightening in itself. I’m not claiming to express this little fact as a professional psychologist or anything like that but I’ve read enough books and talked to a number of people to think that this is so (and the fact that I spent the last 4 years studying psychology as my major at uni kinda does give me a little leeway in saying this)

It’s quite ironic how we, as humans, are rapidly expanding and developing useful technologies that “connect” people to one another, yet so many people out there feel more alone than ever.

So what does this tell you about the real reason why people these days are stuck in a funk of unhappiness?

I think a lot of it has to do with how society puts too much a major emphasis on achievement (academically and financially) and not enough emphasis on enjoying life and being friggin’ happy!! I get so frustrated at how society functions at times ><

I’m sure there are people dying to travel, spend time with family and friends, and actually wake up every morning without feeling dread at having to drag their ass’s back to the office.

Now I’m not claiming to present myself as some happiness guru with what I’m going to write about, but in my personal experience I can honestly tell you that refusing to do anything to change your current state of unhappiness is a one way ticket to misery, pain, frustration and sleepless nights crying into your pillow hating yourself and your life.

I’ve had to live with the above mentioned emotions for a very long time. This isn’t something I’m disclosing lightly but I realize that some people need to hear (or in this case read) about the real life problems people face in order to reflect back on their own life in order to make the necessary changes.

A part of me wishes that I was stronger back then and I should have dealt with my problems better… but that’s life. You’re not meant to get everything right the first time around.

Even if you make the same mistake once, twice, or even three times (or maybe more like me), if that’s what it takes for you to learn and get the value out of that life lesson,maybe all the pain was worth it in order for you to grow.

Don’t you think so? When I was going through it I didn’t but now I do.

Reflecting on my younger self, I let external factors control me for too long. Growing up… man I was one angry little muffin LOL!!

(Ah yes I remember that expression on my face all too well LOL)

I had a lot of bad experiences with other people growing up, like bullying, exclusion, teasing (this kinda ties in with bullying me thinks..ah well). Anyway point is, because of those experiences, I drew away from people. Didn’t socialize, kept to myself, and hid from my problems by flying into my imaginary fun zone where my own thoughts served to entertain me in my time of need (good god that sounds a little sad LOL)

One thing I don’t mind admitting to myself, and I hope not to come across as egotistical or anything like that, but I have one wacky sense of imagination (hey comes from years of practice of imaginary scenario creations) ;D

So How Did I Deal With my Unhappiness?

I think when it comes to this part everyone deals with their problems and emotions differently. After all what works for one person might not necessarily work for you.

After a series of “negative” events, I realized that things weren’t going to change if I just kept doing things the way I always did. I decided to get out of my comfort zone and try to change my way of thinking.

I think changing your mindset is the hardest thing someone can do. So anyone out there reading this who has greatly changed their lives by reshaping their attitude, I have great respect for you my friend.

After I stumbled upon a crossroad in my life where it was either get back up and go forward, or stay down and live a life half dead for as long as it takes to snap out of it, I decided to stop complaining and take responsibility for my own future. I decided to regain control of how I feel, and live my life how I want to.

Mind you, I had to go through a lot of emotions, thinking and trial and error to get to that stage.

When you sit back, and let your life stroll by you passively: 1/ you’re going to feel very bored, 2/ feeling unfulfilled follows naturally, and 3/ your life will feel void of meaning.

That’s why you need to beat out that urge to sit back and watch and do something. It doesn’t have to be big, just something small to start out with is fine. Whether it’s finally quitting that job that you’ve hated for so long, giving a new relationship a chance, or doing something completely new in your life.

For me, I decided to do something that I never thought I would end up doing. And that was starting my own business. I got a lot of negativity from friends and family but I made my decision and stuck with it. I wanted to start my own online business so that I could have the time I wanted to finally do the things to enjoy my life and not wind up miserable with some job. The road has been hard but I’m glad I took the first step to taking control of my life.

Have you ever stopped yourself from doing something that you knew would have potentially made you happy? Like, comment and share this post so others can benefit from this post too.

The way I see it, we only live once, so stop wasting time in a state of unhappiness and actually enjoy every waking moment by taking action

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  5. Steve Barrow says:

    Great post… its tough to get going when you are bogged down with the thoughts of everything going on around you. Breaking through by taking action!

    • tinanp07 says:

      Hey Steve
      Yeah it’s hard to do all the actions that you need to when life gets out of hand, but it’s in how you handle yourself in those moments that make all the difference. I’ve had a lot of tough moments myself, but I already made the decision to never give up no matter how bad or frustrating things get.
      So yes, taking action is the best thing you can do for yourself! Take control of your life, and everything else will follow =)

  6. Lynda White, The Brenda Doll Team - Keller Williams Realty Louisville East says:

    Hi, Tina. This is an article near and dear to my heart. I’m studying to be a real estate agent. I’m done with the classes, and have been putting off taking the test. It’s scary to think of jumping into anything new, isn’t it? I also love internet marketing like you and have thought of setting up a virtual business like that too. Sometimes the person that gets in our way the most is ourselves. Next year I won’t give myself a choice; I’m going for it! Have a great day!

    • tinanp07 says:

      Hi Lynda!
      I’m glad my article inspired you =D
      It’s always scary to jump into something new because of the unknown, but it’s part of the journey and thrill if that makes sense lol.
      I congratulate you on making that decision to just go for gold! Props to you for doing what most people are afraid to.
      I wish you all the best! Have a good one =D

  7. Angie Perez says:

    Small changes in your life can have the biggest impact on your overall happiness like deciding to exercise 30 minutes each day, or quitting a bad habit you know only makes you more unhappy. The key to changing your undesirable habits is to find habit triggers and replace the habit routine with something more to your liking so that you can produce the same reward. Does that make sense? I am reading a book called the power of habit and so much of our “unhappiness” comes from learned bad behavior that becomes ingrained in us that the only way to change the habit is to make a strong commitment to do something different or have a traumatic life event.

    • tinanp07 says:

      Hi Angie

      I agree with you completely. You never know how the smallest difference can have the biggest impact on your life.
      Sounds like a great book that you’re reading. Yeah, bad habits and mindsets are unfortunately ingrained in us due to our upbringing, but it’s also out responsibility to finally take control and break out of that unhealthy cycle =)
      Thanks for commenting, I greatly appreciate it =D

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