How the Badass Women at Empower Network Changed My Life


The Starting Point for All Network Marketers and All Its Disappointments

Now as a young internet marketer who has just been in this industry for a year (I’m 22 at the moment), I can openly admit that there are still a lot of things that I need to learn when it comes to running a successful online business, and at times it can be exhausting.

Don’t get me wrong, I think the process of learning all the how to’s, widgets and the little technical things (well at least for me since I’m a nerd) is what makes the journey so exhilarating because it’s so different and refreshing from what we’ve all normally experienced in the lifeless world of holding down a job.

However, more often than not, when the decision has been made that you’re going to quit your job and run a kick ass online business, live the laptop lifestyle and win all those little vacations that you hear the top earner’s talking about, it’s usually an emotional decision at first.

I’m sure you know what I’m talking about.

You venture into a network marketing presentation room for the first time, some happy music starts playing and everybody is singing and dancing along like a bunch of crazies, and you’re sitting there wondering which circle in hell did you just walk into.

After all the hoodlum dies down, that’s when it happens.

empower network

People that you’ve never met in your life come up on stage and start telling you their success stories. How they earn 5 or 6 figures a month, win all these paid for trips to the Bahamas, and are now living the dream that 95% of the population only wish that they could.

You buy into their story.

You feel pumped up.


Brimming full of energy from that enthusiastic vibe that’s been radiating in the room since you first entered.

Finally, you understand why everyone was behaving like they’ve had too many Redbulls and it all makes sense because now .

Without even knowing what’s gotten into you, you walk up to the person who invited you to that event and you say to them, “You know what, I’m in. Show me the money”.

However, after a few weeks or months after getting started, you begin to ask yourself why you fell for all that hype and sign up.

At that point in time, your sponsor has either disappeared entirely, or they’ve been busy up selling and bombarding you with marketing tools that you really don’t need.

How did it come to this?

Where did all that promised money go?

Where did all MY money go? Damn this debt business sucks! *grumbles*

And just when I was about to quit…

After buying a lot of products that promised me the moon but only gave me a crappy sand grain instead, I pretty much wanted to call it quits for good and return to the moping and depressive state that I was in before I got into the whole online business gig.

And I actually did that for awhile to be honest.

Oh how I moped…

Laptop lifestyle?

Ha, what lies.

5 or 6 figures a month?

Please, only the scammers earn that much.

Another product launch?!?

empower network

I’ll launch this shoe in your face if you pitch me one more time!

Yup, that’s how angry I was.

However, by a stroke of luck (ain’t it always?) I stumbled across Empower Network.

Now before you roll your eyes at me, if you’re on the verge of throwing in the towel, you’re telling me you aren’t curious about how a peeved off little lady came back from all that scamming, debt and angry-depressive state?

Thought so.

What I Lacked Since I First Started My Business and Why It Made Me Struggle

It sucks to admit that we’re wrong.

Sometimes even though we know it, we still argue the wrong point just to free our egos from the woes of admitting that we were, tragically, wrong.

In this case however, admitting that I was wrong is the most refreshing thing that I’ve done for myself in a long while.

What was I lacking?

I lacked the proper mindset and attitude that could have made running my business a whole heck of a lot easier, fun, and actually profitable!

When I first went online, I heard a lot about all this mindset and positive attitude gibberish. I mean, we’re all here to make money right? It’s the reason for all of this online madness =D

Not something I’ll EVER need.

The how to’s will do. Yup.

And it’s exactly because I chose to ignore the most important piece of the puzzle that I struggled in my first year.

My daily marketing routine became a chore, learning became boring, even though I made sales now and again, I didn’t feel joy over it. Instead I felt desperate and frightened that that would be the last sale I would make for a long time.

So I clung onto that money like a helpless child.

NOT an attitude primed for success if I do say so myself. *shakes head at self*

How the Badass Ladies Helped Me Snap out of My Negativity

It helps when the business that you’re involved with has a support group.

Even better when the top producers are part taking in it as well right?

Even MORE better when the support group has weekly hangouts (I’m feeling generous you can attend them here), a pitch free Facebook group (yes, they do exist!), and everybody is actually glad to hear from you and help you get on your way.

You see, I did everything myself when I started.

I thought that I could do this all on my own because, you know, I’m different from everybody else *rolls eyes at self*.

The support was one part of it. It made me feel like I was a part of something big, and that people actually care about me and didn’t judge me when I posted stupid questions like, “Where can I find my affiliate link?”.

empower network

The other part was the stories.

Honestly, Empower Network has some of the most amazing stories I’ve ever heard in this industry.

The story of how Nicole Cooper found out when she was pregnant while she was in foreclosure, living off welfare of $200 a month, broke, bankrupt and had all of her possession repossessed.

And how she bounced back from all that hardship and is now one of the top earners in Empower Network. You can read her story here.

There’s also Cristina Munoz, who has spinal disease and spends most of her days laying in bed in pain. She managed to type her way to $33K in 90 days! (you can read her story here).

How I Developed the Unstoppable, Baddass Attitude in Building my Business…and You Can Too!

The reason why these badass women got the results that they did was not only because of the high level training that Empower Network offers to its affiliates and customers, it’s the vibe, the energy, the positive attitude and mentality that forms the core of the company that helped made these results possible too.

Most companies only care about making money.

Fair to a certain extent because that’s what follows in business.

But the guys here in Empower Network?

I’ve never been involved in a group of people who emphasized personal belief, self empowering thoughts and a take charge attitude to life.

This isn’t just about building a business.

It’s about developing you into the best person that you can be. It’s about making you feel grateful that you are here, that you can do anything that you set your mind to, and feeling great about yourself and your life.

See, if only I knew that having this kind of attitude would have made all the difference in the world to my business back then, I would’ve jumped on it like hot cakes.

empower network

Now, when I go about my daily activities, I do it with a renewed vigour and excitement for my business. I’m more focused, happy even, and feel like nothing can topple me.

What would you give to feel like that about your business, or yourself for that matter?

It’s not only about the money folks, it’s also about having the right attitude to use it with the utmost gratitude when you earn it. It’s about feeling proud of your life and YOURSELF when you earn it as well.

I don’t think I need to say anymore to be honest. I’ve experienced the change, and I’m glad I was wrong for that first year because now it’s made me appreciate the highs more.

To find out what I’m talking about, you can click here and find out for yourself.

It’s all about that belief, so take the leap here and get started.

To Your Success,



By Tina N. Phan

P.S. To find out how you can build your brand and make money blogging, click here to find out more.

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