5 Benefits of Goal Setting to Building Your Business


How the Benefits of Goal Setting Will Get Rid of Confusion Forever

It’s pretty awesome owning a home business since you can sleep in for as long as you want, work in the comfort of your own home in your p.js, and pretty much do things at your own pace without having someone breathing down your neck every few seconds checking if you’re on schedule.

But the thing is, because it’s so laid back and distractions are bound to occur every time you connect to the internet, lack of productivity, focus and clarity are common enemies that won’t have the slightest remorse in crushing your business into oblivion while sucking your bank account dry with all those monthly fees.

benefits of goal setting

I’m sure we’ve all heard the talk about the benefits of goal setting and how important it is to write them down along with our daily plan of action, but seriously how many people actually take the time to sit down and do that?

Since it’s been preached so often, people get the feeling that writing down these important steps are somewhat cheesy.

But what if I were to tell you that one of the benefits of goal setting by taking 20 minutes, or even less, to write down what you really want out of your business may increase your income dramatically within a short period of time?

The Benefits of Goal Setting In All Its Glory

1/ What do you really want?

The one big difference between those who fail and those who succeed is clarity.

You must clearly identify what you want, and why. In other words, there must be a clear outcome for what you want out of your business.

The benefits of goal setting is making that path to buying that dream home, or never having to worry about finances ever again more steady to tread upon.

Focus on a vision that you want, even if it’s not clear on how you will be getting there. Clarity is the first step to success so you must get this part right.


2/ Save’s a lot of time

For internet marketing, it’s all about working smarter. Contrary to popular belief, working harder and longer does not mean that you are getting any closer to success.

The scary thing is, this is exactly what most people do. Toiling away endlessly, not finishing what they started, getting distracted, or multi-tasking thinking that it would get things down twice as fast.

benefits of goal setting

The benefits of goal setting is this case is, you won’t waste a lot of time wondering whether you should check your email, or finish that webinar series. You will know exactly where to go and what to do next.

You’d be amazed at how fast you can get all the right business building activities done when you focus. How about 2hrs or less? Amazing right?

Now what to do with all that extra time… *looks at game console*


3/ Finding what works for you

During the process of writing up your daily plan of action, you will have to go through what is working now, what is the best marketing strategy for you, what you enjoy learning about and what you can improve on.

The awesome benefits of goal setting is knowing all of these things will save you the heartache and expenses from failure due to jumping around trying everything you can get your hands on.


4/ Becoming a true action taker

People who wait fail. The one’s who watch tons of webinars to try and find that one secret strategy before taking action end up falling behind, and staying behind.

Successful people don’t wait for everything to be perfect before they start. They take action before they even know what to do, and it’s those who do that learn exactly what needs to be done to become successful in the process.

It’s doesn’t need to be perfect, it just needs to be done.


5/ A vision that drives you

Out of all the benefits of goal setting in this article, this is the most important one since this will save you when you are about to throw in the towel for good out of frustration, depression and burnout.

Imagining yourself watching those commission notifications rolling into your email, relaxing in your expensive double story house with your spouse, seeing your kids when they wake up and when they come home from school, or proving all those who told you that you were a nobody wrong will snap you out of that funk and back into game.

So there you have it.

If these benefits of goal setting aren’t enough to convince you to whip out a pen and paper and write up your daily plan and your reason why, then why are doing internet marketing?


Which goal in particular helped you the most? Leave a comment below and share this post if you found it useful.

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