One Thing at a Time or 3 Things at Once?

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What’s the Point of Doing One Thing at a Time?

Why would I want to do one thing at a time if it’s only going to slow down the progress of building my online empire? I mean, I want my monthly residual income checks now! Surely juggling 5+ tasks at a time is the right thing to do? The power of multitasking to get things done quicker makes a lot of sense… right?

Now before you answer that question, access your current situation.

Is that what you’re doing right now? Trying to learn 5+ marketing strategies, or jumping around to a new company every few weeks or so hoping to “finally make it” this time?

If so… then stop immediately!

one thing at a timeAs counterproductive as it may seem, trying to overload yourself with all this information, and being extremely inconsistent will only slow down your learning curve and deplete your enthusiasm gauge quicker.

I believe in something called, “slow and steady wins the race”. There is no such thing as a fast track to success.

Anyone trying to sell you that idea is either trying to make a quick buck off you, or giving you very ill advice despite their good intentions.

Narrowing Your Focus to One Thing at a Time for that Extra Boost in Results

If you’re wondering how narrowing your focus to one thing at a time will get you the results you desire quicker, then read on my friend.

It’s a given that there are a lot of ways to make money online, but too often do I talk to people who switch their marketing method every few weeks or so because “it doesn’t work”.

How can something work in your favor if you don’t give it time to work?

If you’re doing free marketing strategies like article marketing, blogging, or networking on social media, then naturally it’s going to take awhile before the results come to fruition.

While paid marketing strategies produce instant traffic, that doesn’t mean you can’t improve on the results that you are getting by learning how to adjust your ad copy, or find more reliable sources to advertise your PPC or solo ad campaigns.

My point here is, for every marketing strategy that there is, there is a crap load of things to learn about and take into consideration when implementing it.

Don’t forget you will be making life a lot easier for yourself when you’re doing it one thing at a time, and not 5 things at once!

one thing at a time

With that being said, success does not reward those who are lazy, so get to it if you really want this!

If you change your mind about how you’re going to build your business every 5 seconds, then you’re resetting yourself back to square one every time you do. Thus it taking longer for you to get anywhere with your business.

The same can be said for business opportunities and companies too.

It feels like high school all over again if truth be told with all the “it’s the next best thing to come out… let’s go with the cool kids and join that!”

Find a company that you truly like, and find a sponsor who you can trust, and is serious about helping you succeed.

When you stick to improving upon what you’re doing every day, it’s only a matter of time before you kick major ass in it. When you’ve gotten results in that strategy, then it’s time to compound your marketing reach and learn a new method.

The same can be said for your primary company. Want to reach the top tier in the compensation plan? Then work your way up and stop jumping around!

It takes time to get life changing results in this profession. You must put in the extra effort to make things work. So be patient, consistent and do one thing at a time to keep yourself focused on the task at hand.

Attraction Marketing System

What do you think about this? Do you agree that it’s best to stick to one thing at a time, or do you think it’s better to do multiple things at once?

If you found this helpful, like, comment and share it with someone who you know will benefit.

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  1. Gordon Robinson says:

    If you believe you will succeed. Easier said than done … you cannot believe someone elses story … standing on a stage with a $50k cheque is not believing in success. You gotta feel it and want it!!

    • tinanp07 says:

      I agree with you Gordon. I’m sure there are a lot of people who have been to events and listened to the people who $20K+ per month saying how easy it is when it isn’t. Success rewards those who are ready for it, fight for it, and will do anything to get it. So it’s all about that massive drive to just go grab it for yourself that lands you success =)


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