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Hey there!

Thanks for stopping by. I believe that everybody’s time is precious so I’ll be as straightforward as I can.

To begin, I would just like to clarify a few things about myself and what my views are when it comes to building a team:


#1: I am already involved in my own opportunity which I enjoy greatly, so please do not pitch me about joining your business.

#2: I am a strong believer in surrounding yourself with positive, high caliber people to encourage and motivate my team members to do whatever it takes to succeed in their business. So in other words, if you are lazy, whine and refuse to take responsibility for your own success then please do not join.

#3: I am serious about helping others to reach their goals. So in this regard, I will only dedicate my time to those who show that they are 100% dedicated to working their butt off to reach their dreams… and kicking their job to the curb!


So with that being said, if you are looking for someone who is serious about helping you get to the top, or reach your business goals,

Consider joining my team at the various levels.



Empower Network

Empower Network was founded by David Sharpe and David Wood in late 2011.

Not even a year after they launched the company, Empower Network has over 30,000 members who are earning 100% commission on all sales made.

It’s perfect for beginners since their 3 step system is meant to accommodate those who are new to get them started on the road to success.

Not only that but if you’re a seasoned pro, then there are a tonne of never before seen marketing strategies being taught in here if you want to earn more than $10K per month.

It’s not for people who are lazy, irresponsible or whiners.

If you are determined to free yourself from the burden of being tied down to a job, financial stress or you want to spend more time with your loved ones, then join my team, follow the guidelines inside Empower Network and you can’t go wrong.

Join only if you 100% serious about earning 100% commissions and living the life of your dreams!


Click here to get join Tina in Empower Network



My Lead System Pro


This system was designed for one purpose: for your business to start making you money.

I can honestly sit here and tell you that no other system on the internet can teach you more about internet/network marketing than MLSP.

There are 3 reasons why you need MLSP if you want to have any chance at all of being successful online:

#1: If you are new to online or network marketing, this system show you step by step exactly what to do to get started and be successful.

#2: MLSP covers every online marketing strategy available. Period. All. If you want to master any specific strategy, you can be absolutely sure that you will find extensive coverage on how to master that technique.

#3: The system is generic, in that you can be involved in any network marketing company and apply these strategies and techniques to get sales and sign ups into your primary company! How cool is that?!? Seriously!

#4: Make money from people who don’t join your primary company.

This system was pretty much designed for you to make money. Profit. I mean why else do people get involved in network marketing or look for ways to earn an income online right?

If you are doing internet network marketing you need to check out MLSP. Period. Hands down. Bar none.

Click here to join Tina in MyLeadSystemPro


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